CTC Vibration HW elements

In our supply can be found accelerometers for the extensive examination of rotary machines, and eddy current displacement sensors for measuring axis vibration, axial position, rev, phase. We distribute sensors for examination of equipments with high temperatures. Accurately monitor acceleration or velocity in turbines, boilerfeed pumps and compressors up to 650° F (343° C).

At the production of CTC cables the primary aim is the application of those severe standards,which prescribe the low noise level, and resistance against high mechanical strengths between rough operating circumstances.

The connectors are made of substances that resist for example petrochemical operating circumstances. Our portable measurement connectors feature custom rubber strain reliefs at the intersection of the connector and cable to help prevent premature cable failure.

We offer a wide variety of Junction Boxes ranging from 1 channel up to 48. They are made of fibreglass or acid-resistant steel. They will stand up to outdoor environments, as well as tough factory environments.

Every CTC mounting hardware product is custom engineered to meet the demanding needs of diagnostic professionals. High pull strength magnets, low cost mounting targets, high frequency quick disconnects, probe tips, adhesives or fin mount probe pads.

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